My First Shows


Three Tuesdays in NYC and one freezing Friday. Peddeling my wares offline (i.e. at craft fairs and artist markets) was no where near the rim of my thoughts when I started creating for msveronicas. But with four shows, all within the last month, I can say it was a good experience. My anal planning was a benefit and I found several websites with packing lists for shows/fairs. I’ve met some wonderful people, gotten a lot of much appreciated advise, and have through them,  made even more connections.

I was hoping that I would get a feel for which of my products were at the top of the consumer appreciation list, but that was not the case.  All my holiday cards and my handmade books sparked interest and sales were almost even across the board. I guess that’s a good problem to have.

I am encouraged and off the make a new selection of cards- birthday cards, thank you cards, cards based on my art prints and anything else I can dream up.

I am also still working on my new product and I am aiming to debut it by mid-January.  It is not a card or a book, but does involve silkscreen.
So stay tuned.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ms. Veronica’s has a new facebook page – please stop by and like us.

Update (1/18/11) – found a great post in the Etsy Forum Thread –


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