And then it was 2011.

Ms Veronica's studio

Ms. Veronica's studio in progress

I must first give a sincere “Thank You” to those that supported Ms. Veronicas in 2010. I think we had a good debut and I am excited and hopeful for this new year.

Second, wasn’t it just summer?

And third, I am excited to share that Ms. Veronicas’ studio is in progress. Finally, a dedicated workspace for my creativity and a decent view to go along with it. And while the studio is not yet complete, I’ve already begun working on new card ideas and my ‘secret’ new product. Above is a picture…no, not of the secret, of my studio in progress. I love the windows and even more the sycamore right outside them.

Okay, I will give a little hint about my “in the works” product. I have been for the past two weeks, looking for a fabric source. I finally decided on a natural osnaburg from Their customer service won me over. I also had great service at where I found unfinished wood beads. Thanks Cindy. Then, I had an excuse to buy some shoes from Well, I need a prop for my photos, right? Next, I’m on the hunt for  some high-quality, water-based silkscreen inks to keep this product as environmentally-freindly  as possible. Okay, that’s enough of a hint. But keep in mind that I will still be doing a giveaway as a product premier, so be sure to subscribe to this blog to be eligible.

So with that, Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 be filled with productivity, happiness and above all, God’s blessings.


2 responses to “And then it was 2011.

  1. You have a really nice and bright workspace!!
    I’m really excited to see what you’re working on 🙂 best of luck!!


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