Happy Valentine’s Day

First, I hope everyone had at least one person say “I love you” today. And if you, know that you are very much apperciated, at least by me.

Second, I was so excited to receive something I ordered about one month ago. It was from a fellow Etsian and I wish the photo could relate how wonderful it is in person. It is hand-drawn postcard from Artisan of Whimsy. I loved every moment that I traveled through with my ‘gift’, from the wonderful penmanship on the envelope to the packaging inside. It was truly and experience.

Hand drawn postcard by Rasamalai on Etsy

Her name is Claudia Lilliana. At true Artisan if I’ve ever met one. She lives in Mexico and is always inspired by the local wealth of colors, rich traditions and folklore around her. Her favorite materials are paper, India ink, tempera, acrylic, cotton yarn, fabric, thread, floss, German silver wire, all kinds of beads and she has shown herself skilled with all. I hope you’ll find some time to check out her shop and follow her blog. Thanks Claudia, I am very happy with my purchase.

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