Studio Progress Report

I wasn’t sure how to title this post – Necessity is the mother of invention or Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Here’s why.

I am still “moving into” my new studio space. Right now, my goal is working out storage because everything needs a place before it can be “in it’s place.”  I have some large (22*30) sheets of Rives BFK and need to store them flat. Can’t afford the space or the money for flat files…hmmm. Off I went to the hardware store and fence post brackets turned out the be the solution (shown below).


The original use of this particular table was for my Yudu machine and my small card drying rack. The table was constructed from ikea table legs and a large wardrobe shelf. Since I had a couple extra shelves, this worked out great. I used the brackets to make two additional tiers on the table. To finish, the table will be covered with a tablecloth I found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. This should hide the organized mess underneath.


I  hope to find some metal filing cabinets next. I think my paper goods need a little fire protection. Speaking off ‘making do,’ I learned silkscreen pre-Yudu and I have a mixed bag of screens–wood, aluminum and yudu screens. I prefer printing on my table vs on the Yudu machine  because it’s hinges are too tight for making 50 prints in a row. However the yudu screens do not fit in a standard hinge clamp. Problem? Hardly. I finally found a use for a that wrong table part I was sent in the mail. (see below).


And to conclude this small peek into my studio, here is what I saw as I mounted the last level of my large paper storage…a lovely end to the day.



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