My Size 13s Love To Travel

My size 13s love to travel. They love sand and warm salt water best, but anywhere there is to go and see, they’re there. Now, if anyone has ever packed a suitcase/travel bag, there is always the delima of how to get your things to and from your destination clean and organized. Shoes definitly must stay away from clothes and make-up, and like things are easier to find when they are together. In the past, my shoe packing fix was met by ziploc and plastic shopping bags. But it was time to make my own fix. Combining my love of all things natural and my love of silkscreen printing; (and alas, I can show the world what I’ve been working on for almost four months) here are Ms. Veronica’s  Shoe Bags.

I strived to keep this product as eco-friendly as possible.The bags are made from an unbleached osnaburg cotton . The drawstrings are a cotton twill and the stops on the ends are untreaded wood. The inks used are waterbased. The packaging for these bags will be paper ribbon and a paperboard box, both recyclable. The bag in the picture is the middle size of the three sizes that will be available. All bags are made to accomodate larger sized shoes. They are as follows:

Size 1 – 9″ x 16″  (can fit loafers to 4″ standard pumps”);

Size 2 – 13″ x 16″ (can fit platform pumps as shown above);

Size3 – 16″ x 24″ (made to fit knee-high boots).

Additional colors will also soon be available. Now my size 13s travel in style; and yours can too. Oh, before you ask…Yes the pink pumps are mine and yes, they are a size 13.


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