What gives you inspiration?

I drove the twenty minutes this weekend to one of my favorite parks – Branch Brook Park, in Essex Country, NJ. Branch Brook has everything you would want in a park from fountains to rolling hills. But it is Hanami, the viewing of the cherry blossoms, that draws me there at this time every year. They have the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the US—yes, larger than Washington DC.

Cherry blossom season, spring, is the dawn of ‘my time of year’. I am not a fan of winter. While I understand some people love snow, cold weather is definitely not for me. I look forward to the first buds of spring.

I must admit that I have a special connection to Branch Brook and cherry blossom season there: it was the last time and place I hung out with one of my sister-friends before she passed away. So while there is a bit is sadness, the visual of life springing forth buoys me up. Amidst the green of the grass and the many colors of the tree bark and the critters scurrying about is really a happy place for me. (Second only to being at the beach).

It clears my head. My thoughts and ideas seem to just neatly file themselves. And I come away with new resolve. Uplifted and inspired by nature’s colors, lines and shapes; it’s consistent, unwavering ability to rebound. Nature inspires me. I’m curious to know what inspires you?

Please comment on this post so together, we can send some cheer to our troops.


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