Tweet to support our heroes @MsVeronicasEtsy

I know, weird title for a post. Stick around, let me explain.

April was a full and fun month with new cards and books and a giveaway. However, I was a little disappointed by the responses to the Operation Write Home post. So, I want to give everyone an easier opportunity to participate and send some encouragement to the US Heroes serving abroad. (Read more about Operation Write Home.) Until the end of April I will donate one card for every tweet (one per person) of this post. Just click the Twitter button at the end of the post and tweet. That’s all. And that’s why the post is titled that way:-) You can still leave a comment here and that will count for another card donated.

Also: we finally have a warm day here in my neck of the woods. I’m so loving it and I’m hoping everyone else is having great weather too. Can’t wait for summer. The lovely sunshine allowed me to take some pictures today of some new creations. My recently revived yoga practice has inspired some new items soon to be in my shop. But you get a sneak peek.

And lastly – Ms. Veronica’s will be joining the Creative Grove Market (at least for the summer). Creative Grove is one the coolest markets in Jersey City, NJ – lots of handmade, artists, live musician and other performers, games, a farmer’s market in the summer, just all around fun. So if you’re in our neck of the woods, stop by and say hi.

And remember you have until noon EST on Wednesday, April 27th to enter our Mother’s Day giveaway with items from four (4) Etsy shops.

Thanks for sticking around, now click that tweet button:-)


2 responses to “Tweet to support our heroes @MsVeronicasEtsy

  1. Tweeted without any hesitation :-):


  2. Thanks. I’ll definitely let you guys know how much at the end of the month.

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