Cut.Your.Heart.Out, Save and More

I’ve signed up for the the first semi-annual Cut.Your.Heart.Out Handmade Switch & Swap! I love receiving handmade pieces – whether purchased, won or exchanged. Check out a cool handmade item I received from Artisan of Whimsy here.

If you craft or create handmade items, it’s easy peasy to participate. Check out the instructions and sign up here.  Registration closes May 20, 2011.

If you’re like me, you also like saving. Little Miss Cards is having a Coupon Extravaganza. She’ll be posting through the end of the month for each new follower of her blog. So stop by, get a coupon code and most important, refer a friend so you can get MORE coupon codes.

Speaking of saving, check out my new calendar to find out where my ‘wares’ will be next. If you’re nearby – stop by and see what the mood is that day – a giveaway, a discount and even what’s up for clearance.

And school’s out! Yippie! Now that my semester is over, I can get back to having fun—you know, working on my studio as well a developing images for my Flour Sack Towels, cards and books, and more Artisan features and giveaways.


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