How About Slo and Some Eco Jewelry #giveaway @MsVeronicas 5/31

Ana is Portuguese and calls herself an Etsy newbie. Her work, however, reflects a level of design knowledge and skill far above the newbie level.

This Architect from Lisbon found another passion about a year ago—making wearable art from little bits or whatever material she could get her hands on. What started as a hobby, has grown and gained a life of it’s own! And that’s how SloSecond Life Objects was born. Slo is ecologically friendly, reusing objects and/or using natural, renewable materials.

How do you have fun?

I’ve always been interested in art, not only in architecture but also in its various forms, so when I have the time I love to visit new exhibitions, going to the cinema, or just walk around my own city, Lisbon, with my boyfriend. We always end up, discovering old buildings that we had never noticed or a street we had never gone through. Lately we’ve been spending time in some antique fairs that occur in the area, and the love for vintage is really picking up! Also my work on Slo pieces is fun to me; I get a real quick out of trying new ideas and materials.  Of course I can´t forget to mention how much I love being  out with my friends, spending time with my family and my two crazy and neurotic pets: Maria the cat and Goya the Golden Retriever, who by the way love each other and get along amazingly well! And finally the ocean! If you want to see me happy just take to the beach!  **Ponders visiting Ana because I LOVE the beach too**

Share something about your artistic development.

I have studied art since the 9th grade, or even before that , through my mum and my aunt who always have incited in me and my sisters the love for artistic activities from painting and drawing, to making clay figures and knitting ,so I think even though it didn’t always seemed obvious, it was with no surprise that I decided to study architecture. From all that art education I got the habit of always being creating something, I am always working mentally in some new ideas, whether it is for a building project, for designing a new lamp for my house or for a cuff bracelet or a necklace to my new Etsy store! I will admit the process can be a little chaotic, sometimes I  have so many ideas going around my mind, that it can be a little difficult to focus on only one!

Please describe some of your creative process?

I usually get my inspiration for my Slo pieces from the materials that I find. When I get my hands on some piece of fabric, or a leather scrap, or a metal, I will keep it and immediately start to image what I can do with that, what can I turn it into to, how can I give it another use and therefore extend it´s “life” instead of just going to the garbage. In order to do that I will go back in my mind to something visual, an image I saw, an art work that I discovered and made an impression, or just simple natural textures, that I am very fond of. These ideas may be left maturing in my mind for a while, and when I get the time and feel it is worth a go, I will put them into practice! Not all of them work out quite as I imagined, but it is a joy when they do! All this process is not linear, I always have many ideas to initiate, others that are yet to finish, and it all can get pretty messy, especially if you are working at home, in the living room in your spare time with two pets running around…Thank God I have a patient boyfriend living with me!!!!

What is your favorite part about crafting/being creative?

It is really exciting for me, the entire process. An idea forms in my mind and I struggle with how I can make it happen and through the hand work of making it. Finally having the object ready in my hand and showing it to someone that loves it as much as me feels great! This is very different from my architecture work, when it can take five or more years to see the outcome of my project built and upstanding! With Slo the pleasure of making things with my own two hands is immediate!


Any goals for the future of your shop? or yourself?

In a perfect world me and my boyfriend would start an Atelier where I could make and sell my handmade ecofriendly pieces and vintage items and from time to time work on a architecture project. I would love to make a living out of my own ideas! I am also trying to extend Slo into vintage objects. It has definitely an area that fits perfectly in the Slo concept of reusing and upcycling! But in order to get there I am taking baby steps, who knows maybe I will get there some day…

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

…there are some places I would love to go! One of them is Italy, where you can breathe architecture and art history everywhere! I would also love to go New York, to get the feel of that frenetic urban life where everything is happening!

How could I not love a shop that strives to be green. You can find Ana at her shop, on Facebook or contact her via email at  To celebrate her new shop (and new customers), Ana is giving away the beautiful white cuff pictured above. I can see that on my arm with so many of my spring and summer outfits, but poor me, the giveaway is for you guys.


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This giveaway ends on May 31st, 2011 11:59pm (EST). OPEN TO EVERYONE. Winner will be chosen via and contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. Good luck!


193 responses to “How About Slo and Some Eco Jewelry #giveaway @MsVeronicas 5/31

  1. Yet another of my favorite items is the Zip Earrings!
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

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  8. Angela Winesburg

    i love the Silvered Metal Weaved Bracelet

  9. Angela Winesburg

    I love the Zip Earrings

  10. I like the Red Weaved Cuff Bracelet.

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  11. I love the Golden Romantic Brooch.

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com

  12. And the “Bowl with cover – Sado Internacional Portugal”! Oh my, I had the exact same set!!

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  18. I really like the Silvered Metal Weaved Bracelet… It is gorgeous

  19. jacqueline

    love the silvered metal weaved bracelet

  20. jacqueline

    love the white beaded cuff bracelet

  21. jacqueline

    love the black and silver ring

  22. liked slo on fb (rory finn)

  23. liked ms veronicas on fb (rory finn)

  24. Debbie Kennedy

    I love the Orange Weave bracelet

  25. Debbie Kennedy

    I like the Metal Weave Ring

  26. Debbie Kennedy

    I also like the White Beaded Cuff Bracelet

  27. Love ❤ the grey circles necklace!! gimmeeee!!!

    – écologikai

  28. Ms Carson is truly a master sculptor, and the clay figures in the book are nothing short of amazing. She gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct each figure, but there is no way on God’s green earth that I could ever hope to make one. IMHO this book is almost like using the Mona Lisa as a project in a "How to Paint by Numbers" book. Buy this book if you want to see some beautifully crafted works of art or if you are a professional clay artist looking for a new challenge, but don’t buy it as a beginner how-to on clay figurine construction.

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