The Revolution is being Handmade

I’m so excited to share something new with you all. I introduced  you to the work of Claudia Lilliana a while back when I received her awesome hand painted piece in the mail. I’ve gotten to know Claudia over the past few months and I’m so thrilled to be working/collaborating with her. Together we would like to introduce the Rasa Malai Line.

A bit about the Artisan of Whimsy:

You can find her around the internet by the name Rasamalai – the name of an Indian sweet and one of her favorites. She is a single parent and lives in Mexico with her two daughters. She loves 17th century Mexican music, singing in her choir, composing songs on her guitar, learning new languages and creating. She says, “I’m always inspired by the local wealth of colors, rich traditions and folklore around me. I’m addicted to beauty and I crave crafting. I’m helpless when it comes to that, I just have to use my hands and make something. ” Claudia also “loves cats and small animals, unless they’re threatening to invade our home in an unfriendly fashion!” (Sounds to me like there’s an interesting story there).

The opening photo is of our first printed projects, hot of the press, literally. The illustrations were from an original flower set (pictured above). You can find these and other beautiful creations Claudia’s shop and follow her creative process at her blog.

Claudia starts the process by creating these absolutely beautiful illustrations with a pen, pencil or x-acto knife. I then abstract Claudia’s line drawings, adjust them using photoshop and illustrator to create heavy enough lines that will in-turn make a good stencil for screen printing. The screen stencil is made and the image is then printed on 100% unbleached cotton flour sack towels.

The image below is one of my favorites. I would really like to print this one, but I’m hesitant because the screen print will never capture the beautiful embossed detail in this card. It’s such a treat to my eyes.


I must say, I really enjoy printing this towels because I simply enjoy looking at Claudia’s work. I hope you like it too. Please share what think below or hop over to Claudia’s blog and give her a thumbs up.

And, I would like to thank ButtonEmpire for giving me what I’ve been looking for – a new closing to my blog posts. I think it’s perfect.

So remember…

The Revolution is being Handmade. ~ Roanne.

8 responses to “The Revolution is being Handmade

  1. Really beautiful works of art. I love when two talents collaborate.

  2. Thanks Marelle. I really excited to see how far we can take this.

  3. Beautiful Work! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Thanks Vernelle, on behalf of Claudia too. I’ve been enjoying your sketches also.

  5. Me encanta el trabajo de Claudia, la sigo en su blog y hace poco por facebook. Las toallas son preciosas, la tela que eligió Claudia, me recuerdan los tesoros de casa que hacia mi abuela…. muy lejos de México, en un pueblito al sur de Chile.
    El logo “la revolución está hecha a mano” me identifica!

  6. Alice, with my very poor understanding your Spanish, your comment is still very beautiful. So is your work. Thank you very much from Claudia and myself.

  7. Wow! I wasn’t aware there werecomments! 😀 Thank you so much, and to Roanne for both the feature and awesome collaborating idea!
    (And thank you for thanking in the comments on my behalf! :blush:)
    Abrazos Alice! ❤ ^u^
    :Hugs Roanne:

  8. I like it very much!

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