It’s Friday again, and to all who were curious…

Over the past week, I’ve continued my experimentation with my new ‘secret’ media to outcomes I was not completely content with. So I did some more digging around on the internet and off I went to the store to try an alternative. While there, I found something else and so I was home bound and excited that I had two new things to try out. Well, needless to say my excitement was somewhat squashed but not before a couple exciting experiments. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a 3D artist).

So last Friday’s photo was of homemade paper mache, but with pulped paper instead of strips. I soaked the paper for a couple days then pulped in my blender. I squeezed out some of the water and added adhesives (Sobo and Wood glue), a tablespoon of flour and some gouache for color; set it in the plate and waited for my ‘masterpiece’ to dry. Well, I kept saying to myself, “this is too wet” and I think it was REALLY too wet. The last photos will show (not great though) how soggy it was inside, even though the edges were dry (but not hard).

So this is the outcome of what I shared last Friday; by Monday, it stunk badly and I put it straightway into the circular file aka trash can.

On the second go around with my homemade paper pulp, I pulped the paper even more then I squeezed the paper as dry as I could before mixing the adhesives, minus the flour (no more stinky-ness for me). This I then set in a bowl. Three days later it was almost dry and pretty hard set but browning at the edges. It is also somewhat broken due to my impatience 😉

The next thing I tried was Celluclay Instant Paper Mache -made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic.

It mixed well with just water, into a papery dough. It also rolled well between two pieces of plastic wrap and took color as well as paper could – expect for the stamp I attempted to put on it with screen printing ink. Also, compared to the next product I used, there were no fumes. Below are two projects I made with the Celluclay. It dried in about 2 days and was VERY hard and very light weight. I think my technique of working with it needs a little practice, so we are not going to file this one too far away. (PS – the yellow peice was done one day behind the blue and so not completely dried in this photo.)

Lastely is the Das clay I found when I went to get the Celluclay. The Das is manufactured in Italy and required no mixing. The Das seemed to have paper in it also, but it took color well, was easy to manipulate and dried in less than 2 days; but it was fumey, and smelled even after drying. Not terribly fumey, smelled like an antiseptic, but that’s a no-no for me as I am very sensitive to chemicals, even non-toxic fumes. And, I couldn’t find a list of ingredients for Das anywhere even thought it says it’s AP certified non-toxic. Shown below is the underside of the container I made – I think it took the impression I put into it (with very little pressure) well enough.

All in all, I think I will stick with my current mediums of paper and fabric and continue experimenting with these new 3d mediums. So what do you think of my little experiments? Any pointers from the experts out there?


~The revolution is being handmade~


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