I got Braggin’ Rights

About one month ago, I told you about the handmade swap that I signed up for. Well, I received my package this week from Braggin’ Rights Bath…..and, well, it’s kind of difficult to really translate the awesomeness of what was in my package. But I’ll try.

Tracy’s Etsy profile says the she aims to provide “incredibly indulgent bath/spa products- and customer service to “Wow!” you.” And that’s just what I said when I opened the package. Really. She also says, “everything is skin nourishing- & knowing that I’ve held nothing back, skimping nowhere, I take pride in knowing I’m delivering you an exceptional product! Whether you are purchasing a novelty-type product, or something off the spa line, know that the same care has been taken into each product.”

I immediately tried the ones I could – the spray on leg mist – Lovely!! But I think I’m hooked on the Solid Lotion. It’s portable size and container are just perfect for my bag. It is just wonderful on the skin, I feels slightly greasy at first but it just moisturizes and doesn’t stay greasy at all. And the scent is just perfect. I’m really sensitive to smells, I very rarely wear perfume, however, the essential oils used in these products create just the right scent notes. I could just sniff it all day.

I hope the person that got my package was as happy with it as I was this what I received.  And with the being my first swap and the ‘first, semi-annual’ from Cut.Your.Heart.Out, I’m pretty excited to do it again.

Remember, you have until next Tuesday to enter the Brackets for HOPE giveaway…and I hope you all get to party, even if just a little, with the rest of the global crafting community.

The Revolution is being handmade.


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