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So how is your summer coming along?

Surprise!!!  Happy Monday. So after a stint in the ER and a significant family loss and a trip out of the country…I’m back:-) Hope you guys and gals are all great.

I had to travel to my home island of Trinidad to bury my grandmother–one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. But my trip had some really nice times in it also, like spending time with my siblings (my brother lives in Germany), hanging with my dad, uncles and cousins that I don’t get to see very often, going to the beach and eating my favorite local food and fruits (it just tastes different when it is made ‘back home’). Here are some pictures from my trip.

Maracas Bay – one of the best beaches in Trinidad. But this is not a picture of the ocean you say? This is actually the view that surrounds the beach. It is a big cove wrapped up by these beautiful, lush mountains and just a small area where it is open to the ocean. As much as I am a beach girl, this is my preferred view of this area. Even the drive up through the mountains to get there is lovely.

This next picture is of  my silly brother whom I love, silliness and all. The phone in the guesthouse where we stayed had a lock on it, but there were emergency numbers posted on the wall and no key in sight of the lock. I didn’t worry about it though, because the owner/operators lived on the premises.

This is my 2 year old nephew who will tell you he is a Trinidadian. In his almost 3 years on this earth, he’s been there 3 times. Can you tell he enjoyed himself?

I also enjoyed some local fruits – Pomeracs (Malay Apples) and sweet, juicy, tree ripened Five Fingers (Star Fruits) that grew right in the yard where we stayed. Delish!!!

And of course, me at the beach. But I’m showing this one because I’m sporting a hat I got from a fellow Etsian, Freckles California. Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been getting use out of this hat; and it travels very well.

And while they tried to keep me in Trinidad with a cancelled flight and a two day delay in getting home, I’m super happy to be home and getting back to some normalcy. This has really turned into a challenging summer. But, without resistance/challenge, there can be no increase in strength. That applies to muscles and life.

The view from the airplane on our way home – and I did not color correct this photo. Maybe this is an art screenprint in the making.

So how is your summer coming along?

The revolution is being handmade.


The New Keeps on Coming – Happy 4th of July

Modern Personalized Note Card

Before I talk about the above photo, I have to share that I spent this weekend in Pine Forge, PA camping with our Pathfinder Club; and our club participated in the annual Pathfinder fair which includes physical fitness events, a parade, drill competition and a craft booth and float (my faves of course). I’m SO proud of my young people for the good behavior, and for working so hard at their events. They brought the house down. Everyone wanted to know where ‘those Pathfinders’ were from. I’m still ALL SMILES:-)))))

But while I’ve been doubly busy with the Pathfinders and life, I’ve also been try to develop some new products. For the folks like me, that like to be understated, yet stand out from the crowd, I have a new line of personalized note cards, the first couple debuted this week. You can even get a free sample with the cost of postage. Remember, you are among the first to see my new creations and they may not all listed in my shop yet, but feel free to message me your special request anytime.

Also, I created these giveaways a little while ago to promo my two shops because I could show both shops on one item. They seem to be such a crowd pleaser I thought I’d give my fellow shopkeepers an opportunity to get their own. The matchbook notebooks are 2 1/2 inches square and can be printed with your logo, product photo or special message.

So, hope you all had a great weekend. For those celebrating US Independence Day/4th of July hope it was SAFE one with lots of family and friends fun.

Necklace by Inbarbareket


The revolution is being handmade.

I got Braggin’ Rights

About one month ago, I told you about the handmade swap that I signed up for. Well, I received my package this week from Braggin’ Rights Bath…..and, well, it’s kind of difficult to really translate the awesomeness of what was in my package. But I’ll try.

Tracy’s Etsy profile says the she aims to provide “incredibly indulgent bath/spa products- and customer service to “Wow!” you.” And that’s just what I said when I opened the package. Really. She also says, “everything is skin nourishing- & knowing that I’ve held nothing back, skimping nowhere, I take pride in knowing I’m delivering you an exceptional product! Whether you are purchasing a novelty-type product, or something off the spa line, know that the same care has been taken into each product.”

I immediately tried the ones I could – the spray on leg mist – Lovely!! But I think I’m hooked on the Solid Lotion. It’s portable size and container are just perfect for my bag. It is just wonderful on the skin, I feels slightly greasy at first but it just moisturizes and doesn’t stay greasy at all. And the scent is just perfect. I’m really sensitive to smells, I very rarely wear perfume, however, the essential oils used in these products create just the right scent notes. I could just sniff it all day.

I hope the person that got my package was as happy with it as I was this what I received.  And with the being my first swap and the ‘first, semi-annual’ from Cut.Your.Heart.Out, I’m pretty excited to do it again.

Remember, you have until next Tuesday to enter the Brackets for HOPE giveaway…and I hope you all get to party, even if just a little, with the rest of the global crafting community.

The Revolution is being handmade.

Ms. V’s Vintage

Hi folks, it’s 95 degrees today in my neck of the woods…and humid. But got to get outdoors and take those photos because Sunday is the official launch of Ms. V’s Vintage.

So, I don’t just make stuff, I collect it too. And well, I think it is only fair that I share with you all…AND I must come to terms with the fact that all these things canNOT fit into my living space. There are only a handful of items listed so far, but I have vintage jewelry, housewares and my favorite – vintage books (for adults and kids). I just love books and boy do I collect them. But I’m going to try to keep Ms. V’s Vintage a well rounded place to shop. And if an item is purchased as a gift, you can just stop by the original Ms. Veronica’s and get a greeting card to accompany it (yes, that was a shameless plug).

So hop over and check it out. And be sure to check back on Sunday because there is FREE SHIPPING on the first five (5) purchases.

And while the revolution is being handmade, lets remember the ‘good’ ole stuff.

It’s Friday again, and to all who were curious…

Over the past week, I’ve continued my experimentation with my new ‘secret’ media to outcomes I was not completely content with. So I did some more digging around on the internet and off I went to the store to try an alternative. While there, I found something else and so I was home bound and excited that I had two new things to try out. Well, needless to say my excitement was somewhat squashed but not before a couple exciting experiments. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a 3D artist).

So last Friday’s photo was of homemade paper mache, but with pulped paper instead of strips. I soaked the paper for a couple days then pulped in my blender. I squeezed out some of the water and added adhesives (Sobo and Wood glue), a tablespoon of flour and some gouache for color; set it in the plate and waited for my ‘masterpiece’ to dry. Well, I kept saying to myself, “this is too wet” and I think it was REALLY too wet. The last photos will show (not great though) how soggy it was inside, even though the edges were dry (but not hard).

So this is the outcome of what I shared last Friday; by Monday, it stunk badly and I put it straightway into the circular file aka trash can.

On the second go around with my homemade paper pulp, I pulped the paper even more then I squeezed the paper as dry as I could before mixing the adhesives, minus the flour (no more stinky-ness for me). This I then set in a bowl. Three days later it was almost dry and pretty hard set but browning at the edges. It is also somewhat broken due to my impatience 😉

The next thing I tried was Celluclay Instant Paper Mache -made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic.

It mixed well with just water, into a papery dough. It also rolled well between two pieces of plastic wrap and took color as well as paper could – expect for the stamp I attempted to put on it with screen printing ink. Also, compared to the next product I used, there were no fumes. Below are two projects I made with the Celluclay. It dried in about 2 days and was VERY hard and very light weight. I think my technique of working with it needs a little practice, so we are not going to file this one too far away. (PS – the yellow peice was done one day behind the blue and so not completely dried in this photo.)

Lastely is the Das clay I found when I went to get the Celluclay. The Das is manufactured in Italy and required no mixing. The Das seemed to have paper in it also, but it took color well, was easy to manipulate and dried in less than 2 days; but it was fumey, and smelled even after drying. Not terribly fumey, smelled like an antiseptic, but that’s a no-no for me as I am very sensitive to chemicals, even non-toxic fumes. And, I couldn’t find a list of ingredients for Das anywhere even thought it says it’s AP certified non-toxic. Shown below is the underside of the container I made – I think it took the impression I put into it (with very little pressure) well enough.

All in all, I think I will stick with my current mediums of paper and fabric and continue experimenting with these new 3d mediums. So what do you think of my little experiments? Any pointers from the experts out there?


~The revolution is being handmade~

A little Red, White and Blue to remember

This post is in honor of all our Heroes that have given so we can live how we do today. Thank you from the bottom of my handmade heart and I urge everyone to never forget the sacrifies they’ve made.

Origami Stars by Deliverance05

Nautical Thank You by SKCouch


Red White and Blue Seaglass


Flag runner by missjenniferlowe

Turkish Coffee Pots from Tripleandsnack


Mod 60s Shirt from Hotvintage

Happy Memorial Day! and remember,…the revolution is being handmade.


Happy Friday. Guess What?

I’m not sure who fooled me into believing that after me semester ended I would have time – HA! But I do have some news to share.

First is my most recent feature and giveaway – yup, you can win your choice between a couple of my items if you enter by June 10th. Also check out the interview and the other giveaways going on at Tutus and Tea Parties – one ends tomorrow.

Next, is my first ‘gallery’ opening. **Does a baby clap**  One of my prints will be part of the group show, “Made In Jersey City” at the Cosi on Washington Blvd in Jersey City (across from PATH’s Pavonia/Newport Station). The exhibit features the art and craft work of several members of the Jersey City Etsy team. The opening will be part of a quarterly event called Jersey City Fridays – 6 – 8pm on Friday, June 3rd, 2011.

The print is an artist proof for a suite of prints that I am ever so slowly working on titled “City Prints”. As you may know, I love the graphic nature of the Adinkra symbols and use them on some of my books. Adinkra symbols may capture a proverb or saying, thought, emotion, event or being in one silhouetted symbol. These prints evolve from that idea, capturing a city in a few symbols/icons and then using those icons to create an interesting image. The image is then printed on a full size (22″ x 30″) of Rives BFK. This print, called ‘Charleston,’ is first in the set; and feel free to critique it.

Lastly, I’m off to camp for the weekend. But, I’m going to leave you with something to tease your imagination. I started experimenting with a new medium this week. Care to take a guess?

The Revolution is being Handmade

I’m so excited to share something new with you all. I introduced  you to the work of Claudia Lilliana a while back when I received her awesome hand painted piece in the mail. I’ve gotten to know Claudia over the past few months and I’m so thrilled to be working/collaborating with her. Together we would like to introduce the Rasa Malai Line.

A bit about the Artisan of Whimsy:

You can find her around the internet by the name Rasamalai – the name of an Indian sweet and one of her favorites. She is a single parent and lives in Mexico with her two daughters. She loves 17th century Mexican music, singing in her choir, composing songs on her guitar, learning new languages and creating. She says, “I’m always inspired by the local wealth of colors, rich traditions and folklore around me. I’m addicted to beauty and I crave crafting. I’m helpless when it comes to that, I just have to use my hands and make something. ” Claudia also “loves cats and small animals, unless they’re threatening to invade our home in an unfriendly fashion!” (Sounds to me like there’s an interesting story there).

The opening photo is of our first printed projects, hot of the press, literally. The illustrations were from an original flower set (pictured above). You can find these and other beautiful creations Claudia’s shop and follow her creative process at her blog.

Claudia starts the process by creating these absolutely beautiful illustrations with a pen, pencil or x-acto knife. I then abstract Claudia’s line drawings, adjust them using photoshop and illustrator to create heavy enough lines that will in-turn make a good stencil for screen printing. The screen stencil is made and the image is then printed on 100% unbleached cotton flour sack towels.

The image below is one of my favorites. I would really like to print this one, but I’m hesitant because the screen print will never capture the beautiful embossed detail in this card. It’s such a treat to my eyes.


I must say, I really enjoy printing this towels because I simply enjoy looking at Claudia’s work. I hope you like it too. Please share what think below or hop over to Claudia’s blog and give her a thumbs up.

And, I would like to thank ButtonEmpire for giving me what I’ve been looking for – a new closing to my blog posts. I think it’s perfect.

So remember…

The Revolution is being Handmade. ~ Roanne.

How About Slo and Some Eco Jewelry #giveaway @MsVeronicas 5/31

Ana is Portuguese and calls herself an Etsy newbie. Her work, however, reflects a level of design knowledge and skill far above the newbie level.

This Architect from Lisbon found another passion about a year ago—making wearable art from little bits or whatever material she could get her hands on. What started as a hobby, has grown and gained a life of it’s own! And that’s how SloSecond Life Objects was born. Slo is ecologically friendly, reusing objects and/or using natural, renewable materials.

How do you have fun?

I’ve always been interested in art, not only in architecture but also in its various forms, so when I have the time I love to visit new exhibitions, going to the cinema, or just walk around my own city, Lisbon, with my boyfriend. We always end up, discovering old buildings that we had never noticed or a street we had never gone through. Lately we’ve been spending time in some antique fairs that occur in the area, and the love for vintage is really picking up! Also my work on Slo pieces is fun to me; I get a real quick out of trying new ideas and materials.  Of course I can´t forget to mention how much I love being  out with my friends, spending time with my family and my two crazy and neurotic pets: Maria the cat and Goya the Golden Retriever, who by the way love each other and get along amazingly well! And finally the ocean! If you want to see me happy just take to the beach!  **Ponders visiting Ana because I LOVE the beach too**

Share something about your artistic development.

I have studied art since the 9th grade, or even before that , through my mum and my aunt who always have incited in me and my sisters the love for artistic activities from painting and drawing, to making clay figures and knitting ,so I think even though it didn’t always seemed obvious, it was with no surprise that I decided to study architecture. From all that art education I got the habit of always being creating something, I am always working mentally in some new ideas, whether it is for a building project, for designing a new lamp for my house or for a cuff bracelet or a necklace to my new Etsy store! I will admit the process can be a little chaotic, sometimes I  have so many ideas going around my mind, that it can be a little difficult to focus on only one!

Please describe some of your creative process?

I usually get my inspiration for my Slo pieces from the materials that I find. When I get my hands on some piece of fabric, or a leather scrap, or a metal, I will keep it and immediately start to image what I can do with that, what can I turn it into to, how can I give it another use and therefore extend it´s “life” instead of just going to the garbage. In order to do that I will go back in my mind to something visual, an image I saw, an art work that I discovered and made an impression, or just simple natural textures, that I am very fond of. These ideas may be left maturing in my mind for a while, and when I get the time and feel it is worth a go, I will put them into practice! Not all of them work out quite as I imagined, but it is a joy when they do! All this process is not linear, I always have many ideas to initiate, others that are yet to finish, and it all can get pretty messy, especially if you are working at home, in the living room in your spare time with two pets running around…Thank God I have a patient boyfriend living with me!!!!

What is your favorite part about crafting/being creative?

It is really exciting for me, the entire process. An idea forms in my mind and I struggle with how I can make it happen and through the hand work of making it. Finally having the object ready in my hand and showing it to someone that loves it as much as me feels great! This is very different from my architecture work, when it can take five or more years to see the outcome of my project built and upstanding! With Slo the pleasure of making things with my own two hands is immediate!


Any goals for the future of your shop? or yourself?

In a perfect world me and my boyfriend would start an Atelier where I could make and sell my handmade ecofriendly pieces and vintage items and from time to time work on a architecture project. I would love to make a living out of my own ideas! I am also trying to extend Slo into vintage objects. It has definitely an area that fits perfectly in the Slo concept of reusing and upcycling! But in order to get there I am taking baby steps, who knows maybe I will get there some day…

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

…there are some places I would love to go! One of them is Italy, where you can breathe architecture and art history everywhere! I would also love to go New York, to get the feel of that frenetic urban life where everything is happening!

How could I not love a shop that strives to be green. You can find Ana at her shop, on Facebook or contact her via email at slobjects@gmail.com.  To celebrate her new shop (and new customers), Ana is giving away the beautiful white cuff pictured above. I can see that on my arm with so many of my spring and summer outfits, but poor me, the giveaway is for you guys.


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This giveaway ends on May 31st, 2011 11:59pm (EST). OPEN TO EVERYONE. Winner will be chosen via random.org and contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. Good luck!

Cut.Your.Heart.Out, Save and More

I’ve signed up for the the first semi-annual Cut.Your.Heart.Out Handmade Switch & Swap! I love receiving handmade pieces – whether purchased, won or exchanged. Check out a cool handmade item I received from Artisan of Whimsy here.

If you craft or create handmade items, it’s easy peasy to participate. Check out the instructions and sign up here.  Registration closes May 20, 2011.

If you’re like me, you also like saving. Little Miss Cards is having a Coupon Extravaganza. She’ll be posting through the end of the month for each new follower of her blog. So stop by, get a coupon code and most important, refer a friend so you can get MORE coupon codes.

Speaking of saving, check out my new calendar to find out where my ‘wares’ will be next. If you’re nearby – stop by and see what the mood is that day – a giveaway, a discount and even what’s up for clearance.

And school’s out! Yippie! Now that my semester is over, I can get back to having fun—you know, working on my studio as well a developing images for my Flour Sack Towels, cards and books, and more Artisan features and giveaways.