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The Art of Handmade

Hi guys. This is a post I wrote on my other blog – Om ‘n Artistry. It repeats some things I’ve shared here at Ms. Veronica’s in the past. However, it got so many views I thought I would re-post it here for the rest of my handmade community. Hope you enjoy.


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by SocialSpaces

Om ‘n Artistry was established as a place to marry two of my ‘loves’ and  because I do find that there are a lot of people of there that share a passion for both my loves – yoga and crafting. On that note of sharing, there were two interesting articles in the Handmadeology email update last month. These may help explain why I love handmade; that it is near impossible to mass produce artisan quality goods; that the best customer service you’ll probably ever receive is from someone who truly put love into what they made and are offering to you.

Article 1 – Buying Handmade Creates Community

Article 2 – Reasons to Buy Handmade

And speaking of community, I also feel very blessed as an Artisan, to be on the ‘receiving end’ of that community; to be incorporated into peoples lives through my work. For example, I just completed 4 shoe bags (pictured below) that will be given as presents to a team of bridesmaids. How lucky am I to be a part of that through my shop on Etsy.

by Ms. Veronica's

And while Etsy is awesome, the weather is nice this time of year, so get out and check out your local markets and crafter venues. In my town, Jersey City, NJ we have the weekly Creative Grove Market, the Farmer’s Market at the Grove Street PATH Station on Monday’s and Thursdays and the Van Vorst Farmers and Flea Market. Though it says “Farmers” you will find several crafters showcasing thier work. But there are tons of lists on the internet – here are a couple you could search:

Fairs and Festivals

Crafter.org City Guides

Unanimous Craft (look under the Craftologists tab. It lists resources by area)

by MoonandSundries

Do you have any online resources where you find out about local markets? Please share.

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The revolution is being handmade.


One foot in front of the next

Hi guys, I think we should give Life a round of applause, because she really threw me some curve balls this year and more so in the past eight days.

The woman for whom my shop is a namesake, my grandmother, departed this life on last Friday evening. At that time, I was in the hospital because on Thursday morning I work up with an irregular heart rhythm. Sigh!!!!!!!! Let’s just say my sails lost their wind, big time. Thank God for family and the best friends anyone could have. I really do have the best friends ever!

My next couple weeks are going to be sketchy due to travel and doctors and just trying to rest in the middle of all of that. I want to thank you guys in advance for being so patient and understanding.

While I wallowed in my deflated feelings, I got an email today from a coworker who was so excited about my logo I couldn’t help but garner some of it from her.  So I want to remind you guys to vote for ” i “, enter the giveaway and please with cherries on top, pass it on. And speaking of supportive family, my two year old nephew was kind enough to help me get the vote out. Note: my nephew calls me ” i e”, his mom’s doing – a story for another day.


Soon I hope to be off this roller coaster and back to fun. But in the meantime, it’s one foot in front of the other.

The revolution is being handmade.

The New Keeps on Coming – Happy 4th of July

Modern Personalized Note Card

Before I talk about the above photo, I have to share that I spent this weekend in Pine Forge, PA camping with our Pathfinder Club; and our club participated in the annual Pathfinder fair which includes physical fitness events, a parade, drill competition and a craft booth and float (my faves of course). I’m SO proud of my young people for the good behavior, and for working so hard at their events. They brought the house down. Everyone wanted to know where ‘those Pathfinders’ were from. I’m still ALL SMILES:-)))))

But while I’ve been doubly busy with the Pathfinders and life, I’ve also been try to develop some new products. For the folks like me, that like to be understated, yet stand out from the crowd, I have a new line of personalized note cards, the first couple debuted this week. You can even get a free sample with the cost of postage. Remember, you are among the first to see my new creations and they may not all listed in my shop yet, but feel free to message me your special request anytime.

Also, I created these giveaways a little while ago to promo my two shops because I could show both shops on one item. They seem to be such a crowd pleaser I thought I’d give my fellow shopkeepers an opportunity to get their own. The matchbook notebooks are 2 1/2 inches square and can be printed with your logo, product photo or special message.

So, hope you all had a great weekend. For those celebrating US Independence Day/4th of July hope it was SAFE one with lots of family and friends fun.

Necklace by Inbarbareket


The revolution is being handmade.

Giveaway Corner

I want to introduce you guys and gals to Giveaway Corner. It was started to create opportunities for businesses to advertise to a broader market. But on a more fun note, Giveaway Corner has a giveaway EVERY WEEKDAY.

Launched April 12th, 2011, Giveaway Corner is run by Anne, a fulltime homemaker and mother of three. Each day she offers a goodie from a different business and it’s supper easy to enter,  just fill out a form with your name and any optional entries.

There is also a Giveaway Directory where you can submit your giveaways, and sign up for multiple giveaways each day on different blogs (like Ms. Veronica’s:-)))

And there’s even more fun during the Saturday Social – a weekly blog and facebook hop; but you can submit your link anytime during the week.

Giveaway Corner is always looking for great new businesses to feature through giveaways. This is a great way to showcase your business, blog or website and share your products with a nationwide audience. More information about that is available here.

So how about popping over and entering today’s giveaway?

The revolution is being handmade

I got Braggin’ Rights

About one month ago, I told you about the handmade swap that I signed up for. Well, I received my package this week from Braggin’ Rights Bath…..and, well, it’s kind of difficult to really translate the awesomeness of what was in my package. But I’ll try.

Tracy’s Etsy profile says the she aims to provide “incredibly indulgent bath/spa products- and customer service to “Wow!” you.” And that’s just what I said when I opened the package. Really. She also says, “everything is skin nourishing- & knowing that I’ve held nothing back, skimping nowhere, I take pride in knowing I’m delivering you an exceptional product! Whether you are purchasing a novelty-type product, or something off the spa line, know that the same care has been taken into each product.”

I immediately tried the ones I could – the spray on leg mist – Lovely!! But I think I’m hooked on the Solid Lotion. It’s portable size and container are just perfect for my bag. It is just wonderful on the skin, I feels slightly greasy at first but it just moisturizes and doesn’t stay greasy at all. And the scent is just perfect. I’m really sensitive to smells, I very rarely wear perfume, however, the essential oils used in these products create just the right scent notes. I could just sniff it all day.

I hope the person that got my package was as happy with it as I was this what I received.  And with the being my first swap and the ‘first, semi-annual’ from Cut.Your.Heart.Out, I’m pretty excited to do it again.

Remember, you have until next Tuesday to enter the Brackets for HOPE giveaway…and I hope you all get to party, even if just a little, with the rest of the global crafting community.

The Revolution is being handmade.

Ms. V’s Vintage

Hi folks, it’s 95 degrees today in my neck of the woods…and humid. But got to get outdoors and take those photos because Sunday is the official launch of Ms. V’s Vintage.

So, I don’t just make stuff, I collect it too. And well, I think it is only fair that I share with you all…AND I must come to terms with the fact that all these things canNOT fit into my living space. There are only a handful of items listed so far, but I have vintage jewelry, housewares and my favorite – vintage books (for adults and kids). I just love books and boy do I collect them. But I’m going to try to keep Ms. V’s Vintage a well rounded place to shop. And if an item is purchased as a gift, you can just stop by the original Ms. Veronica’s and get a greeting card to accompany it (yes, that was a shameless plug).

So hop over and check it out. And be sure to check back on Sunday because there is FREE SHIPPING on the first five (5) purchases.

And while the revolution is being handmade, lets remember the ‘good’ ole stuff.

A little Red, White and Blue to remember

This post is in honor of all our Heroes that have given so we can live how we do today. Thank you from the bottom of my handmade heart and I urge everyone to never forget the sacrifies they’ve made.

Origami Stars by Deliverance05

Nautical Thank You by SKCouch


Red White and Blue Seaglass


Flag runner by missjenniferlowe

Turkish Coffee Pots from Tripleandsnack


Mod 60s Shirt from Hotvintage

Happy Memorial Day! and remember,…the revolution is being handmade.


April Wrap Up and Product Premiere

I closed out April with a lovely evening at the Creative Grove Market in Jersey City, NJ. I want to share with you all, what those at he market got to see—my newest creation.

Though I received the towels on Thursday afternoon,  I was able to print and do a test wash of them. And , if I do say so myself, they turned out beautifully. These 100% unbleached cotton towels were even softer after they were washed. They are generously sized at 22″ x 36″ and available here.

Your responses, tweets and purchases have generated a total of eight donations to Operation Write Home. This is such a great cause that I’m going to leave a standing policy in my shop of a matching donation for every card purchased.

I’m also happy to announce the winner of the Mother’s Day giveaway is Jennifer C. Thanks to everyone who entered. And I hope you check out the new Couture Bracelet giveaway, get some extra entries for this beautiful, handmade bracelet and learn about the Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind.

There is another chance to win one of my Mother’s Day Card/Notebook sets and some other cool items, in a giveaway hosted by Attempts at  Being Artistic (ends May 2nd). Stop by and check out her wonderful photography.

New reader poll posted in the right column. Check it out.

And lastly, your response to my free ad space offer last month was overwhelming. It just seems right to so it again…so 10 free spots are now available – 200px * 100px. You can email you ads to msveronicas at gmail.com. More information is available here.

Until next time.

Art For The Blind, And The Sighted w/ Giveaway @MsVeronicasEtsy ends 5/11/11

Let’s meet Marelle, a professional artist for over 25 years. She is the founder of the Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind. Her name in French means hopscotch thus the name of her shop, Hopscotch Couture. Let’s get business out of the way and talk about your Couture Etsy Shop first.

> I started making the couture bags about seven years ago, and it just sort of took off. Some have been sold to women as far away as Spain, Brazil, France, England and Australia. Now they are my favorite item to design. I also design jewelry, hair pieces, hats, custom clothing and I paint murals, modern art, and portraits. When I say Couture, I really mean that. There isn’t one item I have made that even I can recreate. All the jewelry, fabrics, trims, and accessories are true vintage items of the highest quality. Each purse is named and comes with a numbered certificate. I keep a running list of those names and numbers to make certain a duplicate doesn’t occur. And proceeds from Hopscotch Couture help to fund the Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind.

I heard about an eco-friendly aspect to your shop?

> Every box we ship out is recycled from a local art supply store.  My helpers cover any logos or text on the boxes with pretty pieces of paper. Their boxes are really quite beautiful. We all really like the fact that a good 95% off all materials used at Hopscotch Couture are previously loved vintage items. Being green was and always will be one of our goals.

Now onto your passion.  Art for the blind?

> Absolutely! I have learned that the blind do appreciate art, if given the chance to view it in their way.  As an artist, putting an image into the mind of a blind person is a huge accomplishment.

Do tell!

>It started like this…I spent 3 years after massive open heart surgery, just painting. After that, I got a collection of my art together and wanted to exhibit,  but I found it very hard to get my art shown. I was very down about it. One day I was running my hand over one of my 3d pieces and it just came to me, ‘I bet the blind would like to touch this.’ At first, this was just an idea and I sent e-mails to blind councils to see if it was even possible, or wanted. I was invited to bring my art to the PBA convention in Harrisburg. The exhibit was very well received. When the president of the PBA touched a three-dimensional portrait I did, he said, “I have not had sight since I was five, but, when I touch this painting, I get an image in my mind.” That said it all! I felt like I had accomplished the impossible. I put an image into the mind of a man who could not see it. The blind understand faces, and I am told that is why my exhibit works. My exhibit has visited several blind conventions and centers. I have been asked to do other celebrities, such as, Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” Paul McCartney and Lucille Ball. Right now I am working on Betty White. This exhibit gives me great joy and satisfaction.

Are you currently exhibiting? Where?

Right now I am working on getting a dozen or so portraits done for the yearly blind convention in October. After that, it is my hope to raise enough money to attend the National blind convention in Las Vegas. I also plan on having the exhibit in several galleries in the North East in between conventions.

Looking ahead, what do you see for the Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind?

I would like to see other artist get involved and having this exhibit travel nationwide. I would be willing to make duplicates of each portrait to have it available for more venues. You have to bring the art to the blind, travel is a big issue for them. It would help to have people in other states to put on the exhibits.  I am also toying with the idea of having a purse drive. People can donate purses, I would turn them into works of art and sell to raise money. The only stipulation in donating is the inside must be perfect. I can cover exterior damage, no problem.

With all you are involved in, how do you ‘take a load off’?

For the last 6 years, I was very ill and bed ridden.  Now that I am feeling better, the last thing I want is down time. I am sure that will change in the future, but, for now, all I want to do is create. With my heart condition I was only suppose to live for 7 days. I have no intention of wasting even one day,  I have made it to 46 years old and am as happy as I can be about that.

Marelle accepts custom and consigned orders. You can find her at her blog, on facebook , but be sure to check out her creations in her Etsy Shop

Marelle, in her wonderful spirit of giving, is offering the opportunity to win one of her couture bracelets.

Here’s how to enter (mandatory): If you’re subscribed you already have one entry – no comment required. If you are not subscribed, please do so at the top right of the page.

8 Additional entries – please leave a separate comment for each.

Like Ms. Veronica’s and Hopscotch Couture on Facebook. Be sure to include your Facebook user name in your entry. (1 entry each)

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Share on facebook and twitter using the button at the end of this post. (1 entry each)

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This giveaway ends on May 11th, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Open to EVERYONE.

Winner will be chosen via random.org and contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. Good luck!


WIN! Mother’s Day Gift Set #Etsy #giveaway @MsVeronicasEtsy. Ends 4/27/11

I couldn’t have imagined it any better. I’ve been so very blessed to have the influence of some wonderful women in my life—starting with my mom and grandmothers at the top followed by my aunts, then my church moms, some of my professors and even a lady I worked with. So in honor of these fabulous moms that have made me proud of the person I am today, I’ve decided to do a giveaway. AND, I’m joined in this offer by some fabulous crafters from Etsy. Let me introduce you to them.

First we have Rozelyn of Jaydemia who loves jewelry and creates limited edition, high quality handmade pieces. Her love of nature and recycling led to the birth of her Eco-Style Collection. Working closely with a friend who started a women’s Livelihood program in a small island town in the Philippines, she is able to source uniquely handcrafted, environment-friendly beads (of small wood and shells that are abundant and are usually thrown away) for her creations. Find Rozelyn on Facebook, Twitter and at her Etsy shop Jaydemia.

Then we meet Susan of Susan’s Treasures. She is a retired home economics teacher who enjoys finally having more time to work on her hobbies. She recently acquired an embroidery sewing machine and is enjoying finding new projects for it. She is also a ‘blanketeer’ for Project Linus; they provide a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need, through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans. You can also find Susan on ebay under sbkndrk but be sure to visit her Etsy shop: Susan’s Treasures.

Next we have the creative hands behind Clay Bouquet Shop, Jennifer.  Jennifer has always loved creating things with her hands, but it wasn’t until her DIY wedding when that interest fully blossomed. After receiving positive feedback from family and friends, as well as the wedding vendors, she decided to pursue creating beautiful things for weddings and special occasions. Her creations include wedding bouquets and accessories from clay, crystals and cruelty free feathers, as well as jeweled ribbon headbands and she accepts custom orders. Connect with the Clay Bouquet Shop on her websiteFacebook, Twitter and Etsy shop.

And then of course there’s me. I’m Roanne of Ms. Veronica’s and you can find more about me at my Etsy Shop or under the About tab at the top. Each of my items are silkscreen printed, one color at a time.



Now that we are all introduced, you should know that the items shown in this post are all part of the giveaway…the mom bracelet; the pin cushion; the clay flower hair clip; and either the white book or the kraft colored book with the three cards shown.

Here’s what to do. There is one mandatory (and beneficial) entry:

Subscribe to this blog. If you are already a subscriber of Ms. Veronica’s you are automatically given one entry – no need to do anything. If you are not subscribed, please do so at the top right of the page. No need to comment for your first entry.

Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry – up to 8.

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This giveaway ends on April 27th at noon (EST) and is OPEN TO EVERYONE.

Winner will be chosen via random.org and contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. Good luck!