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KEEP CALM and ms-veronicas.com

I would like to announce that ms-veronicas.com will officially launch on August 31st, 2011. Yup, registered my domain and I’m working on the new site. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on.  But in the meantime, let’s Keep Calm via the Keep Calm-o-matic (I had nothing to do with the name).

The site puts it best – “If you’ve been living in a villa in Abbottabad for the last few years…then you may not know about the ‘Keep Calm’ craze. Fear not – our trusty guide to all things ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ will tell you all you need to know.” It goes on to give a bit of history about the now famous poster and allows you to create your own. They even have a facebook page and app and a shop where you can purchase your creation.

Or if you are like me and want to create your own, there is a wiki file available thanks to Andrew Oakley.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mary for sparking today’s post.

The revolution is being handmade.


Your input is requested

Hi guys. I’ve been thinking about a new layout for Ms. Veronica’s for a few months now. But, I don’t want to change anything that you have come to appreciate about my site. So I need your input on what I’ve been tossing around in my head.

One good thing for everyone is that the site will be a bit more organized and I will be adding some banner ad space at the top – up to 450 pixels wide. My goal is to have the new layout up by the end of August.

But the biggest change I’m considering is to start publishing my posts in Gallery style. That means that you will see the initial image or the first few lines and will have to click to read the rest of the post. I love the way it looks laid out as a page, but I don’t want to create a hindrance or deterrent or give you more work. I guess that’s my biggest question – to gallery post or not?

The revolution is being handmade.

The Art of Handmade

Hi guys. This is a post I wrote on my other blog – Om ‘n Artistry. It repeats some things I’ve shared here at Ms. Veronica’s in the past. However, it got so many views I thought I would re-post it here for the rest of my handmade community. Hope you enjoy.


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by SocialSpaces

Om ‘n Artistry was established as a place to marry two of my ‘loves’ and  because I do find that there are a lot of people of there that share a passion for both my loves – yoga and crafting. On that note of sharing, there were two interesting articles in the Handmadeology email update last month. These may help explain why I love handmade; that it is near impossible to mass produce artisan quality goods; that the best customer service you’ll probably ever receive is from someone who truly put love into what they made and are offering to you.

Article 1 – Buying Handmade Creates Community

Article 2 – Reasons to Buy Handmade

And speaking of community, I also feel very blessed as an Artisan, to be on the ‘receiving end’ of that community; to be incorporated into peoples lives through my work. For example, I just completed 4 shoe bags (pictured below) that will be given as presents to a team of bridesmaids. How lucky am I to be a part of that through my shop on Etsy.

by Ms. Veronica's

And while Etsy is awesome, the weather is nice this time of year, so get out and check out your local markets and crafter venues. In my town, Jersey City, NJ we have the weekly Creative Grove Market, the Farmer’s Market at the Grove Street PATH Station on Monday’s and Thursdays and the Van Vorst Farmers and Flea Market. Though it says “Farmers” you will find several crafters showcasing thier work. But there are tons of lists on the internet – here are a couple you could search:

Fairs and Festivals

Crafter.org City Guides

Unanimous Craft (look under the Craftologists tab. It lists resources by area)

by MoonandSundries

Do you have any online resources where you find out about local markets? Please share.

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The revolution is being handmade.

The New Keeps on Coming – Happy 4th of July

Modern Personalized Note Card

Before I talk about the above photo, I have to share that I spent this weekend in Pine Forge, PA camping with our Pathfinder Club; and our club participated in the annual Pathfinder fair which includes physical fitness events, a parade, drill competition and a craft booth and float (my faves of course). I’m SO proud of my young people for the good behavior, and for working so hard at their events. They brought the house down. Everyone wanted to know where ‘those Pathfinders’ were from. I’m still ALL SMILES:-)))))

But while I’ve been doubly busy with the Pathfinders and life, I’ve also been try to develop some new products. For the folks like me, that like to be understated, yet stand out from the crowd, I have a new line of personalized note cards, the first couple debuted this week. You can even get a free sample with the cost of postage. Remember, you are among the first to see my new creations and they may not all listed in my shop yet, but feel free to message me your special request anytime.

Also, I created these giveaways a little while ago to promo my two shops because I could show both shops on one item. They seem to be such a crowd pleaser I thought I’d give my fellow shopkeepers an opportunity to get their own. The matchbook notebooks are 2 1/2 inches square and can be printed with your logo, product photo or special message.

So, hope you all had a great weekend. For those celebrating US Independence Day/4th of July hope it was SAFE one with lots of family and friends fun.

Necklace by Inbarbareket


The revolution is being handmade.

It’s a Free-land of creativity

I have the unique opportunity to introduce the personality behind two shops – thestudiodoor.etsy.com and freelandstudios.etsy.com. Both these shops feature creations from Scott Freeland, a sculptor and scenic artist for over 18 years. Scott heads Freeland Studios, which provides original artworks for theme parks, custom architecture, museums exhibits, trade shows or wherever a spectacle needs is to be created. But it’s one of Scott’s smaller creations that has taken on a life of it’s own – the trendy and now popular iRetrofone. This super cool gadget has been featured in numerous blog posts, magazines and even on the Nate Berkus Show. The iRetrofone base is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. Each individual iRetrofone is hand-sculpted and handcast in urethane resin. And yes, your iPhone 4 will work with it. Necessity was the mother of invention when creating the iRetrofone base; after looking at his iPhone’s handset hanging from a couple nails hammered into the wall, the artist in Scott knew he could do better. Cool outcome? I think so!

Scott says, “I am an artist that never rests and my mind is constantly engaged. I feel as though my fine art is the most important body of ongoing work that I have created. For this body of work is created from an open mind, free from deadlines and committees to appease. It comes from a pure source of inspiration. My work is also rooted in some basic principals such as: human emotions, the fundamentals of humanity, earth’s elements, energy, the golden ratio, ancient technologies, wisdom and universal knowledge.”  Out of this comes thestudiodoor.etsy.com.  Behind this studio door, you will find ceramics vessels with the most beautiful glazes and textures, sculptures and even paintings.

So Scott, apart from creating things, what do you do?

I am a husband to my wife Megan and a father to my 2 children, Crystal 11 and Jasper 3. Where I put my efforts towards playful guidance and exploring our true spirits.

How did you get started in your field?

I don’t know if there was a starting point into art. I believe it began as a young child, sometimes between the moment I realized that I was conscious to the world and when my mother put a crayon or a piece of clay in my hands. Looking backward it seems like one long path to today. Academically I excelled in art, woodshop, mechanics, drafting and struggled with everything else. Found my way in the same haphazard manner to art college at Ringling School of Art and Design. Graduated in the early nineties and have been self-employed my entire adult life creating art.

What are your favorite creations/shop items and why?

Mayan Vessel

A couple of years ago I was in downtown Chicago visiting a friend and we stumbled upon a Mayan exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. While there I encountered a giant stone sculpture of the Mayan calendar. Standing there for nearly an hour was in awestruck. I found the stone monument to be inspiring. Once I returned home the monument kept entering into my thoughts. After a couple of weeks I became motivated to recreate the calendar and its symbols myself. As a sculptor and a potter I thought it would be fitting to create their calendar on a vessel. Therefore I spent the next 6 months creating it out of clay in various pieces, and then raku fired it even though the risk of breakage was so great. The vessel is an assemblage of movable parts that allows the date to be set according the long and short counts. After 20 years of creating art professionally I feel as though this is one of my treasured masterpieces.

Chakra Vessel

Ancient symbols and beliefs have fascinated me for years. This vessel embodies many of them, primarily based on the chakras with their colors and symbols of depiction. Also incorporated is the golden ratio with the root chakra largest at the base grounding it. While each chakra reduces in succession by 1/3 its mass. Ascending upward to the crown chakra then topped off with quart crystal elevated above the vessel, acting as an antenna. Finally the vessel was created with continuous intent imbedded into it while being created, to cleanse, ground and align the chakras.

Looking at some of your creations, I curious to know if you practice tai chi/yoga/anything else?

Like many things in life meditation found some strange way to enter into my consciousness. The work I do is detailed in nature, process oriented and requires prolonged, periods of time from 4 hours to 24 hours plus of non-stop focus.  Often times redundant and repetitive, repeating the same action over and overlays. Initially I would refer it to “being in the zone” at one with mind and body creating. After doing this for over and over with practice it has become quick and easy to slip into this zone, coupled with years of technical ability this zone has involved into a meditative state where time slips away while working and my thoughts gravitated towards philosophy, revelations and personal insight.

Outside of art, Scott is completely fascinated with gems and minerals such as quartz and crystals. He feels a certain kind of exchange in frequency with them; in some way they give him energy and insight. Scott is entering a time of transition, moving to the Asheville area of North Carolina. There he plans to shift focus toward finished works rather then commissioned work. Perhaps work geared more towards community than company.

You can also find Scott and his creations at freelandstudios.etsy.com or
freelandstudios.com. But take a moment to go behind the studio door, see what you like and leave a comment below. Each comment will get you another entry into my current giveaway (one entry per person).

And remember, the revolution is being handmade.

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Giveaway Corner

I want to introduce you guys and gals to Giveaway Corner. It was started to create opportunities for businesses to advertise to a broader market. But on a more fun note, Giveaway Corner has a giveaway EVERY WEEKDAY.

Launched April 12th, 2011, Giveaway Corner is run by Anne, a fulltime homemaker and mother of three. Each day she offers a goodie from a different business and it’s supper easy to enter,  just fill out a form with your name and any optional entries.

There is also a Giveaway Directory where you can submit your giveaways, and sign up for multiple giveaways each day on different blogs (like Ms. Veronica’s:-)))

And there’s even more fun during the Saturday Social – a weekly blog and facebook hop; but you can submit your link anytime during the week.

Giveaway Corner is always looking for great new businesses to feature through giveaways. This is a great way to showcase your business, blog or website and share your products with a nationwide audience. More information about that is available here.

So how about popping over and entering today’s giveaway?

The revolution is being handmade

Been MIA now #win animated #ad for web or #blog from @MsVeronicasEtsy #Giveaway ’til 7/5

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA. But, it was with good reason. I spent most of the week taking classes in NYC (for my 9 to 5) but, it has allowed me to offer my fellow online shopkeepers something new – animated ad design. Yup, you can have your own multi-image ad. Or I can create a quick slide show feature for your blog or a post.

I did some samples from my shops and other items, check them out here. And, because it’s been too quiet around here, let’s kick it up a notch with a new giveaway.  One lucky subscriber will win one animated ad with 5 frames created from their choice of images (value $20). As usual, email subscribers get one automatic entry to EVERY giveaway, no comment required. Subscribe at the the top of the right column.

Please leave a separate comment for EACH additional entry—no comment, no entry.
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This giveaway ends on July 5th, 2011 11:59pm EST. OPEN TO EVERYONE.

Winner will be chosen via random.org and contacted by email. Please respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. Good luck!

The revolution is being handmade (and animated – lol).

I got Braggin’ Rights

About one month ago, I told you about the handmade swap that I signed up for. Well, I received my package this week from Braggin’ Rights Bath…..and, well, it’s kind of difficult to really translate the awesomeness of what was in my package. But I’ll try.

Tracy’s Etsy profile says the she aims to provide “incredibly indulgent bath/spa products- and customer service to “Wow!” you.” And that’s just what I said when I opened the package. Really. She also says, “everything is skin nourishing- & knowing that I’ve held nothing back, skimping nowhere, I take pride in knowing I’m delivering you an exceptional product! Whether you are purchasing a novelty-type product, or something off the spa line, know that the same care has been taken into each product.”

I immediately tried the ones I could – the spray on leg mist – Lovely!! But I think I’m hooked on the Solid Lotion. It’s portable size and container are just perfect for my bag. It is just wonderful on the skin, I feels slightly greasy at first but it just moisturizes and doesn’t stay greasy at all. And the scent is just perfect. I’m really sensitive to smells, I very rarely wear perfume, however, the essential oils used in these products create just the right scent notes. I could just sniff it all day.

I hope the person that got my package was as happy with it as I was this what I received.  And with the being my first swap and the ‘first, semi-annual’ from Cut.Your.Heart.Out, I’m pretty excited to do it again.

Remember, you have until next Tuesday to enter the Brackets for HOPE giveaway…and I hope you all get to party, even if just a little, with the rest of the global crafting community.

The Revolution is being handmade.

Ms. V’s Vintage

Hi folks, it’s 95 degrees today in my neck of the woods…and humid. But got to get outdoors and take those photos because Sunday is the official launch of Ms. V’s Vintage.

So, I don’t just make stuff, I collect it too. And well, I think it is only fair that I share with you all…AND I must come to terms with the fact that all these things canNOT fit into my living space. There are only a handful of items listed so far, but I have vintage jewelry, housewares and my favorite – vintage books (for adults and kids). I just love books and boy do I collect them. But I’m going to try to keep Ms. V’s Vintage a well rounded place to shop. And if an item is purchased as a gift, you can just stop by the original Ms. Veronica’s and get a greeting card to accompany it (yes, that was a shameless plug).

So hop over and check it out. And be sure to check back on Sunday because there is FREE SHIPPING on the first five (5) purchases.

And while the revolution is being handmade, lets remember the ‘good’ ole stuff.

It’s Friday again, and to all who were curious…

Over the past week, I’ve continued my experimentation with my new ‘secret’ media to outcomes I was not completely content with. So I did some more digging around on the internet and off I went to the store to try an alternative. While there, I found something else and so I was home bound and excited that I had two new things to try out. Well, needless to say my excitement was somewhat squashed but not before a couple exciting experiments. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a 3D artist).

So last Friday’s photo was of homemade paper mache, but with pulped paper instead of strips. I soaked the paper for a couple days then pulped in my blender. I squeezed out some of the water and added adhesives (Sobo and Wood glue), a tablespoon of flour and some gouache for color; set it in the plate and waited for my ‘masterpiece’ to dry. Well, I kept saying to myself, “this is too wet” and I think it was REALLY too wet. The last photos will show (not great though) how soggy it was inside, even though the edges were dry (but not hard).

So this is the outcome of what I shared last Friday; by Monday, it stunk badly and I put it straightway into the circular file aka trash can.

On the second go around with my homemade paper pulp, I pulped the paper even more then I squeezed the paper as dry as I could before mixing the adhesives, minus the flour (no more stinky-ness for me). This I then set in a bowl. Three days later it was almost dry and pretty hard set but browning at the edges. It is also somewhat broken due to my impatience 😉

The next thing I tried was Celluclay Instant Paper Mache -made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic.

It mixed well with just water, into a papery dough. It also rolled well between two pieces of plastic wrap and took color as well as paper could – expect for the stamp I attempted to put on it with screen printing ink. Also, compared to the next product I used, there were no fumes. Below are two projects I made with the Celluclay. It dried in about 2 days and was VERY hard and very light weight. I think my technique of working with it needs a little practice, so we are not going to file this one too far away. (PS – the yellow peice was done one day behind the blue and so not completely dried in this photo.)

Lastely is the Das clay I found when I went to get the Celluclay. The Das is manufactured in Italy and required no mixing. The Das seemed to have paper in it also, but it took color well, was easy to manipulate and dried in less than 2 days; but it was fumey, and smelled even after drying. Not terribly fumey, smelled like an antiseptic, but that’s a no-no for me as I am very sensitive to chemicals, even non-toxic fumes. And, I couldn’t find a list of ingredients for Das anywhere even thought it says it’s AP certified non-toxic. Shown below is the underside of the container I made – I think it took the impression I put into it (with very little pressure) well enough.

All in all, I think I will stick with my current mediums of paper and fabric and continue experimenting with these new 3d mediums. So what do you think of my little experiments? Any pointers from the experts out there?


~The revolution is being handmade~